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I am Dalia, designer for Stav Jewelry. My husband Eyal and I have built our business, and our family, on several key principles:


Unique Design - jewelry is personal, reflecting the beauty of the wearer. 

As parents, we watched each child become a strong and beautiful individual.  We believe it is important to nurture the uniqueness in each of our customers, and so offer a great variety of styles and materials I personally design in my home studio.

It is our pleasure to celebrate each one of our clients.

Community - We value our clients with attention to detail  for a positive shopping experience - the key to creating a satisfied clientele.

Dalia Stav Jewelry


Positive shopping experience is key to creating a satisfied clientele. It includes the specially designed jewelry, the quality of materials, the attention to every detail, the long life of the jewelry and the positive feedback. These principles have guided us since we opened. 
We settle for only a hundred percent satisfaction. 

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